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Tejada and Ramirez

Ok laid off the table for about 3 hours, had to come back….

Tejada is an RBI machine, don’t get me wrong, but Manny is the original machine. Tejada’s defense, in my opinion, is a little overrated. He’s a good athlete who sometimes acts like a knucklehead out there. However, one must consider the determination factor in Tejada, he will relish playing for the Red Sox. He will love the rivalry and the fact that he’s out of Baltimore. Manny can hit anywhere, Fenway, Shea, Siberia, the Moon, it doesn’t matter.

Tejada for Ramirez… & Russ

This is a wash. The loss of Manny’s better offense offsets the better defense. Plus, I think Manny was popular in the clubhouse.

As for you, Russ, don’t be embarrassed. You keep posting. I truly enjoy your posts, and I am sure the rest of the Table feels the same way.

Tejada for Ramirez

If this deal gets done, what does it mean to us? I think this deal may spell bad news for the Yankees:

1) Ramirez will no longer be in Boston, which is good, but he’ll still get plently of cuts against Yankee pitching in Baltimore. That’s bad.
2) Tejada will bring a fire to the Red Sox. They need this guy. He plays hard, unlike Manny, and it will trickle down to the other players on the club. Also, they will be getting stellar defensive plan after a miserable year at short by Renteria.

Thoughts from around the table?

And the winner is…

Oy ga volt! Mike’s stats I think are going to have a “chilling effect” on me.

I guess this means:

a) I’m the biggest loafer at work;
b) The biggest loudmouth;
c) Passionate about the subject;
d) (a) and (b) but not (c);
e) all of the above.

No matter what, I guess it’s embarrassing.

Happy new year everyone!