Settle on an Order

Torre has got to settle on a lineup. Before camp started, he said Mattingly was going to decide spots 3-6. Now, Torre is saying “there really isn’t a plan.” That’s nice. I don’t want to make a big deal about it because they are all capable hitters, but over the next week let’s organize our thoughts and get an order in place for right handed pitching and left handed pitching, when Bernie plays the OF, when Giambi is the DH, I mean, what have they been doing all this time? Anyway, we can e-mail this to Torre. I know everyone has their own preferences (Sheffield hits 3rd, Giambi hits 3rd or 4th, A-Rod hits 5th, etc.). I like having my better baserunners at the top of the order, but that’s just a matter of style. I like Bernie hitting 9th, because I think it’s an important spot in this lineup and he is still a good on base % player who can “turn” the order over. The guy who really makes this order devastating is Cano. That spot down there is not an automatic, the bottom third is difficult to navigate – you have experience and youth.

Righties Lefties With backup C
DamonCF Damon CF Damon CF
Jeter SS Jeter SS Jeter SS
A-Rod 3B A-Rod 3B A-Rod 3B
Matusi LF Sheffield RF Matusi LF
Sheffield RF Matusi LF Sheffield RF
Giambi 1B Posada C Giambi 1B
Posada C Cano 2B Cano 2B
Cano 2B Phillips 1B Stinnet C
Bernie DH Bernie DH Bernie DH

Or you can play Bernie in RF, and DH Sheffield when he needs it. Or hit Bubba 9th and have him play LF and let Matusi DH.