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I must say that I enjoyed that come-back on Saturday. The Red Sox are in trouble. They have no bullpen. Aceves closing? You see what he did on Saturday… 6 batters, no outs. Plus all the injuries. If they are in last place on May 15th, Valentine may be gone. He deserved all the boos this weekend.

Gardner on DL

You watched that play and thought, “good, he didn’t hurt himself, that was close.” More than close, too bad.

So Jones, Ibanez, and Nunez will fill in in left. Defensively, the horror, the horror. At least Jones has a nice smile and always seems happy, with his ability to hang on at this point in his career I’d smile too.

I’d like to call it Instinct, Gut, Tarot Cards, or the Force

Girardi’s move of having Soriano intentionally walking Markakis to get to Jones an unconventional move, one that was dictated by his gut or a hunch. Nope. The “book” says that Soriano has great numbers on Jones so creating a force play where a wild pitch, passed ball, HBP, catcher’s interference, BB plates a run is no big deal. Oy Vey.

Phineas: Ferb, I know what we’re going to do today!

Ferb: [stares]

Phineas: We’re going to follow the “book” no matter what happens. Even if it means forcing in a run.

Ferb: [blinks]

Phineas: I know what you’re thinking….

Ferb: [sighs]

Phineas: …. where’s Perry?


Glad my comments motivated Swisher.

Posada to throw out the first pitch to open the home schedule. Nice touch.

Would be interesting to see Kuroda’s numbers against Pujols.

Jussst a bit low…..

Garcia should have had the courtesy to pull himself. Wild pitch extravaganza, that was absurd. He needed a designated catcher, a hockey goalie in full pads.

The NYY are not going to have these comebacks versus the Tampa Bays of the world.

 Hughes and Garcia have led to fear and trepidation already.


Let me take you back to the seventh inning. No one out. Swish hit by a pitch on the foot. After the agony and the limping he’s on first. Cano laces a double into the corner which seems like it’s taking an eternity to dig out. Swish rounds third, tries to score and then proceeds to get nailed at home (nice block by Wieters).

Ok obviously, this was stupid because there are no outs and you could have had second and third with those zero outs.

But watching the replay I could see some cheeseburger wrappers flying out of Swisher’s back pocket – no, not really but why of all people is he trying to take the risk and score? Look, Swish can’t run, he can’t bend down and he can’t throw. There are only 3 things he brings to the table at this point:

1) He takes a lot of pitches which is a useful skill;
2) He has occasional power;
3) He’s funny and keeps things loose.

I’m not saying Swisher wouldn’t come in handy when you’re in the middle of a rally and you desperately need to move the batting order along but at this point why is he the starting right fielder?

This has been a problem brewing for a couple of years. The Yankees need to have a younger, more athletic outfield because the age is getting on the infield and the first baseman has checked out (his time is coming real soon). More and more the first baseman is looking pathetic.

The thing that got me excited last night was this kid David Phelps and Cory Wade. Wow, they looked good last night. I need to see more. I want more! Phelps has unbelievable late tailing action on his fastball. Great stuff. Anyway, didn’t want to complain about everything and we did get the win.

Super Nova

Obviously not happy with the first three games. Girardi intentionally walking a batter in the first inning on defense in the first game of a 162 game schedule is insane. CC can’t get “what’s his name” out now – is that what it’s come to? It’s weird how in baseball sometimes a tone is set from the beginning and that set the tone for the series. By the way, Joe Maddon is like a tenth player for the Rays. His managerial style is so off the beaten track it helps his team. He can manage for me any time.

By the time Monday came around, you could hear Steinbrenner in your head with the following statements:

“I’m not sure about that young man from Los Angeles.”

“I don’t know about resting Jeter. He doesn’t look tired to me.”

“I never believed in intentionally walking a batter. It shows weakness.”

“It would be nice to see a little bit of fight in this team just like New Yorkers.”

Anyway, in stark contrast… last night. Leave it to the Captain to take charge with four hits. You could tell right away that Nova was determined. Better command of the fastball and had it popping last night. He can’t get Wieters out but he’s a fine hitter.

Nunez had a good game – he’s still learning. Leaving on contact from third base….. well let’s just say we have to work on that one.

In the meantime, I’ve called for some jumper cables for this offense. The stat I saw last night on RISP was awful.

Early Returns

Not liking what I am seeing with the first three games against the Rays. I know its early but the following issues need to be observed to see if these are annomolies or the begining of trends:

1.  CC are the innings catching up?  He hasnt looked good in spring and the first start was not encouraging.

2. Kuroda. This ain the National League son.  You need to pitch ahead and hit your spots.  Mistakes are crushed here.

3. Mariano.  Not too concerned but it would have been nice to close out that game.  (he was scored on in Spring training for the first time in 4 years – is that a sign of the End of Days?)