I’d like to call it Instinct, Gut, Tarot Cards, or the Force

Girardi’s move of having Soriano intentionally walking Markakis to get to Jones an unconventional move, one that was dictated by his gut or a hunch. Nope. The “book” says that Soriano has great numbers on Jones so creating a force play where a wild pitch, passed ball, HBP, catcher’s interference, BB plates a run is no big deal. Oy Vey.

Phineas: Ferb, I know what we’re going to do today!

Ferb: [stares]

Phineas: We’re going to follow the “book” no matter what happens. Even if it means forcing in a run.

Ferb: [blinks]

Phineas: I know what you’re thinking….

Ferb: [sighs]

Phineas: …. where’s Perry?