I must say that I enjoyed that come-back on Saturday. The Red Sox are in trouble. They have no bullpen. Aceves closing? You see what he did on Saturday… 6 batters, no outs. Plus all the injuries. If they are in last place on May 15th, Valentine may be gone. He deserved all the boos this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. John S

    I liked the NY Post front page headline Saturday (even before the amazing 15-9 game) re: the Fenway birthday party and Friday’s game….

    “100 Years of Ass Kicking”

    Throw out the 2004 ALCS and that has the ring of truth!

  2. John B

    Valentine has done a terrible job. But Theo set the stage for this disaster…

    1. They sent their affordable, veteran shortsop Alex Gonzalez packing for what seemed like no reason at all. He played really well for them!
    2. Crawford? All that money…for Crawford?
    3. Lackey? All that money…for Lackey? (That’s $230 Million locked up in two players that haven’t added a lick of value, are both hurt, and may have a second zero value adding year in a row!!)
    4. Their farm system is depleted
    5. Matsuzka was a complete bust
    6. Saltalamacchia can’t hit AT ALL. Their catcher produces almost no offense and isn’t even that great defensively!!!
    7. The didn’t get a decent right fielder after it being a problem for the past few years
    8. The bullpen is atrocious…Melancon is being sent down…they experimented with their best bullpen arm in a starting pitcher role…let their closer go…and replaced him with a guy who has NEVER pitched under any pressure (Bailey)…that always works well when it comes to closers in the AL East

    Some of the more recent ones have Cherrington’s hand…but Theo was probably pulling the strings from Chitown!

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